Beginner: No previous experience required, students will practice basic yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxation, and how to connect them all together. General concept of non-harming and non-competitiveness.

Continuing: Students will focus on holding asanas longer. Increasing balancing, arm and wrist strength, and opening poses. Deepening your understanding of non-harming and non-competitiveness. Students must have the ability to move from standing to floor poses without difficulty. Continue to build upon yoga foundation, increased leg and arm strength.

Intermediate-Advanced: In this class the focus will be more physical. Must be able to move from standing to floor poses without difficulty. If you have any questions regarding this class, please talk to the instructor.

Register for classes
To register for classes, contact Trudy at 627-5506 or e-mail her at trudy.justbreathe (at)

PLEASE NOTE: Payment is due first night of class. No refunds for the session, however you may make-up a missed class in a different time slot during current session. You may not roll over missed classes to the next session. Pilates classes can be taken at any time and you can pay by the class or purchase a punch card.